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House marinated olives 7 gf,v

Salt & vinegar cassava crisps 5 gf

Potato gems, house kewpie, smoked chilli ketchup 11 gf 

Caramelised pork satay dip, puffed rice crackers, cucumber 9 gf 

House made sourdough, miso butter, aged black vinegar, evoo 8 v 

Masala fried chicken, chilli salt, butter curry sauce, yoghurt 14 gf 

“KFC” Korean fried cauliflower, bbq glaze, daikon, toasted sesame 13 v 

Pork belly, roasted chilli & garlic oil, golden mantou, pickles 18 

Prawn & chicken katsu, bull-dog sauce, kewpie, bonito flakes, cabbage, yuzu 17 



Shredded duck salad, turmeric wafer, soft herbs, tamarind, peanut 18 gf 

Gingin beef carpaccio, wasabi cream, soy , baby leaf, crispy garlic 15 gf 

Kingfish ceviche, toasted coconut, vinaigrette, sour coconut 17 gf

Thai herb salad, sweet potato, soft leaves, nuoc cham, pink pepper 11 gf

Charcuterie board, house cured & locally sourced meats, pickles & condiments, sourdough 29 



Smoked potato cream, pedro braised lamb, puffed grains, skins 18 

Miso mushrooms, stracciatella, scallop potatoes, wakame, gremolata 21 v

Roasted calabrese broccoli, chimichurri, soured cream, bbq salt 15 gf,v

Kombu braised cabbage, mushrooms, gyoza skins, white soy & cane vinegar 19 v



Roast baby chicken, dashi & burnt honey sauce, toasted sesame 28 gf

Beef shin, roasted marrow, rendang glaze, peanuts, toasted coconut 36 gf

48-hour chuck steak, pho sauce, soft herbs, fermented chilli 29 gf

Caramelised kangaroo, sesame soy custard, pineapple, finger lime 17 gf



Korean bbq chicken, sweet potato noodles, peanuts, herb salad 26 gf

Market fish, turmeric & coconut curry, rice gnocchi, green mango 28 gf

Roast duck breast, sweet & sour, duck fat fried spring onion 32 gf

Charred local squid, black jasmine rice & ink adobo, garlic oil 24 gf



Black pepper butter fried clams, egg noodles, spring onion 25 

Pan fried wheat noodles, eggplant XO, toasted sesame, leek 19 v

Typhoon shelter cauliflower, garlic & coconut fried rice, pickled egg 14 gf,v

Egg noodles, spring onion, golden sesame oil 8 v

Golden mantou buns 4 each v



Whipped blue cheese, brik pastry, balsamic, rice jam, candlenut 16 

Baked goat’s brie, burnt honey, oat wafer, eggplant chutney, pear 18 v

Soy milk ganache, pear mousse, mulled wine, salted oreo 15 gf,v

Honeycomb semifreddo, toasted milk cake, myrtle curd, limoncello 17 v

Passionfruit sorbet, coconut, vodka gummies, plum powder 15 gf